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Chino CA 91710

Microtel's core business has centered on building exceptional PC systems and servers-all custom configured and manufactured to match customer needs exactly. Through a dedicated network of resellers across the nation, Microtel has thrived and grown, selling systems to the educational, government, commercial and consumer customers throughout the U.S. Microtel understands customers and resellers choose the solution provider they deem best. Microtel's mission, simply stated, is to be that best choice.

The company's efficient, responsible, low-cost business model is unique in the PC industry and allows Microtel to offer the latest technology at the best value!

Microtel has no costly inventory of assembled PC's. Microtel PC's are built after customers order them. Our build-to-order operation also gives us unique relationships with Name-brand suppliers like Intel, AMD, VIA, Microsoft, Lindows.com, Mandrake, Suse, 3Com, Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Samsung, and many others. We strive for long-term associations with suppliers to ensure continuity in quality and supply as well as compatibility and ease of integration.

Industry accolades for the Microtel family of products include Best Buy, Best of the Year,Win100, Best Overall, and Best Value recommendations from some of the industrys most respected trade publications.

Quality is Assured with the Name-Brand Components!


BUILT-TO-ORDER - Each system you order is custom-built to your exact specifications. Well set it up so its ready to run right out of the box, and systems can be delivered to different locations with ease.

TECHNOLOGY - By working with a wide range of Name-Brand component vendors, Microtel is able to combine the latest industry-standard technologies, and deliver the most stable, reliable, network-ready systems.

STABILITY and Consistency - When you are managing a complex business, the last thing you need is a surprise in your network. That is why we insure the system configuration you purchase today will be the same configuration with the same components for future orders.

NETWORK Ready - Microtel systems are easy to set up and install on a network. We offer a variety of networking solutions that provide you maximum compatibility and flexibility. Our systems are fully tested validated, and certified for use with all major network operating systems.

EXCELLENT Reliability - Reliability is built into the entire process of designing, sourcing and manufacturing Microtel systems. Through rigorous testing and stringent quality control standards, Microtel systems are built to work all the time, every time.

BEST Reliability and service - Buy a Microtel system and youll have fewer problems with it than you will with virtually any other major brand. And in the rare event you do have a problem, you still wont have a problem. Because you will experience one of the shortest times to reach a support person, one of the swiftest resolutions of your problem and one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Quality, Durability and Value - With Microtel, you can be assured of products offering the perfect combination of quality, performance and reliability. And with exceptional pricing, you wont ever have to sacrifice performance for spending less.